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  • Two (2) 1-inch Chuggerhead Lures
  • Two (2) half-inch Chuggerhead Lures
  • One Floridian Offshore Lures Bumper Sticker



Save a bundle over the separate purchase price with the Floridian Offshore Lures Bestseller Pack. This assortment gives you four of our popular Chuggerhead Lures, and a bumper sticker. Our lures are handcrafted on the Treasure Coast and are designed to be very attractive to fish and humans alike... I have a green and blue one hanging from my rear view mirror! These premium lures are made from high density, impact resistant acrylic and the skirts are made of quality silicone for optimum action. Be sure to pick out which four you want before you hit "Add to Cart", and don't forget to send us pics of your Floridian Offshore Lures in action!

Fishing Team Bestseller Pack

SKU: Best100
  • The heads will last a lifetime without fading, discoloring or cracking even under the most arduous conditions, but over continued use and many toothy fish, the skirts will suffer. Do not throw away the Head!!! Call us and we will gladly send you a new skirt with instructions on how to remove and replace.

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