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Our quality handmade lures are made from high density, impact resistant acrylic rods. They come in a variety of transparent or fluorescent colors. They are cut, drilled and milled by hand.

They are not injection molded heads that wear out over time. The heads will last a lifetime without fading, discoloring or cracking even under the most arduous conditions. Our skirts are made of high quality silicone for optimum action.


Over continued use and many toothy fish, the skirts will suffer. Do not throw away the Head!!! Call us and we will gladly send you a new skirt with instructions on how to remove and replace.

In the coming months we will be introducing lures with 3/4" and 2" Chugger Heads along with Flat Heads in all sizes. We can also custom make Sea Witches.

I'd like to thank the following people for all their hard work and help in getting Floridian Offshore Lures going,,,,,,

Sam Yates of Yates & Associates for their marketing and building the website.


Jennifer Sampson of Sampson Photography for her great camera work.


Jennifer Dyan of Jennifer Dyan Photography


Caught Looking Graphics for handling my Printing and T-shirts as well as decals.



Many, many thanks to you all,,,,,,

Andrew Scott

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